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    Saturday, December 29, 2012


    Lamb is actually the long-running duo of Rick 'Levi' Coghill and Joel Chernoft. Integrating rock with Jewish folk elements, they produce a unique and refreshing sound essential for the Jesus music connoisseur.

    There's a good deal of fast 'Hava Nagila'- type minor-key folk rock, as well as heart-felt melancholy lamentations, even occasional hard rock. Often drawn from Old Testament passages and principles that point to Christ the Messiah, sometimes sung in the native Hebrew tongue. Exceptional, though I'm usually in the mood for something a bit more upbeat after prolonged exposure. Later albums moved toward more of a pop sound.
    Lamb Messianic 1973
    Lamb II Messianic 1974
    Lamb III Messianic 1976
    Songs For The Flock Messianic 1978

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