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    Tuesday, February 17, 2015

    Is Tourniquet still a Christian band?

    Ted Kirkpatrick Says: Hey everyone – had a chance to answer a few questions and make a few comments:
    Is Tourniquet still a Christian band? Almost silly to even answer this one… but here goes anyways. We are 1000% a Christian band. Here’s a sampling of the lyrics from our last “regular” Tourniquet album, Antiseptic Bloodbath:

    Chart of the Elements
    God lives, God is truth, God breathes, God is truth
    God loves, God is truth, God lives, God is truth

    Antiseptic Bloodbath
    2000 years ago a sacrifice was made for us
    When the holy lamb of god gave his all upon the cross
    The bible is given to those who receive
    But never forget what it took to achieve
    The black ink on white tames the bloodiest price
    The pages are dripping with the blood of Christ
    The Maiden Who Slept in the Glass Coffin
    There lives the prince of peace who waits for you
    Just open up the door
    Lost Language of the Andamans
    Have you forgotten the language of our Lord?
    He speaks in the rustling leaves
    He speaks in the blackest darkness
    He speaks when there are no words
    He heals the brokenhearted
    He binds up their wounds
    Carried Away on Uncertain Wings
    When your soul is troubled, your will begins to sink
    Call out to the One who created all things
    No more aimless wandering, wasting your life
    Don’t be carried away on uncertain wings

    And this – Onward to Freedom is 10,000% an album representing Christian principles. It is not PETA based, tree-hugger based (although when someone calls me one, I say “thank you” – I have a thing for trees) or anything but bible based. It’s an anthem for God’s innocent creatures who have no voice of their own - and our call to be compassionate and merciful to them as is pleasing to God. How we treat animals in our lives should be an integral part of our overall faith. I make no apology if some of the lyrics maybe hit too close to home for some of you. In fact, that’s kind of the whole point – for us not to look away from their suffering, which for anyone with an ounce of compassion, can and should make us uncomfortable.
    I am amazed and thankful for the huge percentage of Christians who now “get it” as compared to 1990 when I wrote the song Ark of Suffering. We are all called to do different things in our faith – I know this is where God is pleased to have me be a voice. And guess what? It’s no problem for Christians to minister to people AND help animals at the same time – shocker!!
    If you really want to learn and challenge yourself - come over to The Tourniquet Ark and join the people from all walks and all faiths (and lack of faith). I believe you will likely see why I am so passionate about helping animals. And Onward to Freedom has been a blessing to many non-Christians who have previously only heard Christians talk about how animals are here for us to use however we want. (a really twisted version of “have dominion over”).
    And finally: Regarding the picture of 16 year old mega-talented Gabbie Rae “throwing the devil horns” symbol. Really? There are still people who think this? For me, and I think almost everyone else in the year 2015, it simply means “rock n’ roll”, “metal in your face”, or whatever else you want to call “rocking out”. I kind of doubt that “true” Satanists go around doing this all day. (but Beavis and Butt-head certainly do when they rock out) By the way – KISS does not stand for “Knights in Satan’s Service”… haha – thanks for reading - Ted
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