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    Tuesday, July 7, 2015


    Chryztyne was formed in Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany in 1990. In 1992 they released the EP l "In the Darkness" (later re-released by The pile-Music). In 1993 they released the album "Tales Of Paradise", produced by Tommy Clauss, which was published to the world by Pila-Music. Also in 1994, the video for the song "Born In The Fire" was released.

    This was followed by a tour of 15 months in the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. Countless live performances, the radio and television coverage increased the popularity of "Chryztyne" constantly. The song "remember you" appears on the album "Heavenly Metal Ballads" of 1994.

    However, the band broke up in 1997 for musical reasons, without publishing a new album, although the pre-production was almost complete for the second album


    In the Darkness 1992 (EP)
    The Pile Music

    Tales of Paradice 1993 (LP) The Pila Music

    1. For you
    2. Tell me
    3.. Danger
    4. Remember you
    5. Mama Doesn't know
    6. Stay with me
    7. All that you've got
    8. All Day  all Night
    10. Born in the fire
    11. In The Darkness Of The Night

    Remember you song in compilation 1994
    1 In His Hands - Whitecross
    2 Innocent Again - Idle Cure
    3 I Miss The Rain - Bride
    4 House Of Dreams - Magdallan
    5 Eyes Of Innocence - Holy Soldier
    6 Will I Find Love? - Age Of Faith
    7 Remember You - Chryztyne
    8 Time - Rachel Rachel
    9 Lead Me Back - The Legend
    10 Top Of The Mountain - Bloodgood
    11 Just A Man - The Brave
    12 Soul Searcher - Halo
    13 Broken Heart - Creed
    14 Carry Me - Angelica
    15 Lay Our Weapons Down - Liaison
    16 Do You Know What Love Is? - Guardian 

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