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    Sunday, January 1, 2017

    Mark Pogue - Through the fire (2016)

    Published on january 01th, 2017 | by Anthony Martinez
    Style: Hard Rock, Blues, Pop Rock
    Release date: July, 2016
    Format: Digital, CD
    Tracks: 11
    Label: Independent
    Rating: 75%

    01. Love Will Find You
    02. Feel Alrigh
    03. New Dates & Heartaches
    04. Through the Fire
    05. Rescued Me
    06. Man After God's Heart
    07. Heaven's Eyes
    08. Money Can't Buy
    09. Love Like You Mean It
    10. Baptize Me
    11. Come Go with Me


    In 1991, Mark Pogue would release his first solo album, a great album, that caught the attention of many people, and became a classic. Unfortunately, Mark Pogue would not release any other album. . . until now.

    25 years later, Mark Pogue has returned with a new production called "Through the Fire", an independent album that is worth listening to.

    If you liked Mark's first album  "Restoration", you can not pass up his new album, do not let the cover frighten you. Do not judge a book by its cover, is what somed say.

    Maybe the album cover was not the best choice, too many warm colors on a cool album. But it doesn't matter, the most important thing is the music, and this album has very good music.

    "Through the fire" combines classic rock sound with a modern sound. The guitar solos are really good, that may not be a novelty, Mark Pogue has been an outstanding guitarist, not for nothing has played with artists like Rick Cua, Morgan Cryar, DeGarmo & Key, Dony & Reba, Neal Morse and many more .

    The title song, is perhaps my favorite, the choirs are very catchy, if this song had been released 25 years ago, it would have become a classic.

     "Heaven's Eyes", Definitely this song needs to reach more people. The introduction with the piano, the choirs, the lyrics of the song, all that is great, is a perfect combination.

    The new version of "Money Can not Buy" is as good as the version of the first album, a blues song that reminds me of Darrel Mansfield, the musical composition is great, although Mark Pogue's voice sounds very weak in one great Blues song.

    Listen to this album and let us know your opinion. You can buy it on CD baby through the following link   http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/MarkPogue 

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