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    Saturday, January 20, 2018

    Top 10 albums of 2017

    Published on January 20th, 2018 | by Anthony Martinez

    Some time ago I read an article that said "Classic rock is dying", and sadly that seems to be true, many old rock artists are dying, many of those who are alive have stopped creating new music, and that is also happening in the circle of classical Christian rock artists.

    Naturally this must happen with the passage of time, and we are living that moment, each time there are fewer releases of records and concerts of these artists, it is a scene that is disappearing in front of our eyes. New bands and artists are born, but the legacy of classical bands will remain forever, and that is our goal at CCR, to keep the legacy and history of Christian Rock alive.

    But even with very few releases in 2017, we decided to make a list of this year's top ten albums, only with artists who directly or indirectly fit the phrase "Classic Christian Rock. We have placed the links so that you can listen to each album and give us your opinion at the end of the article.

    10  Mad at the World - Hope
    Released Date: December 22
    Label: Hindenburg Records

     9  CPR Greg X Volz - Back to the Rock II
    Released Date: December 3
    Label: Lamon Records

     8  Whitecross & Guardian - Revival
    Released Date: October 27
    Label: Independient

     7  Disciples Of God - Unleashed
    Released Date: August 25
    Label: Roxx Records

     6  Michael Cutting - Unspoken
    Released Date: January 1
    Label: MCM

     5  Galactic Cowboys - Long Way Back To The Moon
    Released Date: November 27
    Label: Mascot Label Group

     4   Gary Lenaire - No Time Now

    Released Date: July 29
    Label: Lenaire Records

     3   Sweet & Lynch - Unified
    Released Date: November 10
    Label: Frontiers Music

     2  The world Will Burn - Ruination
    Released Date: April 3
    Label: Retroactive

     1  XT - Saved by the Blood
    Released Date: October 20
    Label: Talking Music

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