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    Thursday, December 12, 2019

    Michael Sweet and Todd Latorre Team Up for the Son of Man

    Published on december 12th, 2019 | by Pastor Wildman

    Of all the things Michael Sweet did on his latest album "Ten", one stands out. It wasn't just his vocals resonating- as usual. Or the incredible guest guitarists on the album as he put it, "A guitarists dream!" The one song that has been put on repeat by fans includes guest vocalist Todd Latorre of Queensryche. Todd is an atheist, and yet Michael- a born again Christian, had no issue inviting him to sing on this album. This demonstrates Michael's respect for musical talent regardless of background or beliefs. This is quite like the two albums he made with George Lynch- (Sweet and Lynch). George is also an atheist.

    As a result one may think Michael would make the lyrics soft. This is not the case. The song is entitled Son of Man and explains what will happen upon Christs return:

    "Coming on clouds of heaven

    With power and glory unknown

    Gathering elect from four winds

    That's when the trumpet will blow

    He's the Son of Man

    Coming back again

    The Son of Man"

    When Michael was asked about using an atheist to sing such a song his response was very clear:

    "When I asked him to sing the song and I sent the lyrics to him, he was totally cool with it. And the reason why he said he was cool with it is because he respects everybody and he knows that I respect everybody. I’m not here to judge anybody and he’s not here to judge anybody so that’s why he was able to sing those lyrics with the smile and with conviction because he gets it.” (Full Interview Here: https://www.themetalvoice.com/single-post/2019/09/22/Michael-Sweet-Next-Stryper-Album-Were-Really-Going-to-Shock-Blow-Peoples-Minds)

    What an amazing thought- a proclaimed atheist singing a prophetic song about Christ! God is definitely moving through this song and both of these men. Who knows what God has in store for this? We know His desire is to bring all to Him.

    Oh, and their vocals are incredible as their voices blend great with that classic metal sound. Check it out!
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