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    Friday, July 17, 2020

    Behold the cover art for the upcoming Tourniquet release “THE SLOW COSMIC VOYAGE TO WISDOM”

    Published on july 17th, 2020 | by Anthony Martinez
    As far as classical metal bands are concerned, Tourniquet is undoubtedly one of the most active Christian bands today, this despite not having a complete lineup, they continue to release albums and do live performances with guest musicians. When Tourniquet announces a new album, everyone pays attention. Not surprisingly, Tourniquet's latest albums have been very well received by the fans. 

    Recently, Ted Kirkpatrick, announced the launch of "THE SLOW COSMIC VOYAGE TO WISDOM" A 72 minute collection of crushing doom – remastered for maximum effect, featuring the dramatic cover art by Derek Sheyer. First 100 signed and numbered by Ted in vertical black area to the left of front cover. 

    Ted Says: Due to the popularity of the recent “EPIC TRACKS” release, and while we’re preparing the next full length Tourniquet album (which promises to be crazy) for 2021, we’re releasing this crushing CD featuring the slow doomy tracks and cover art by artist Derek Sheyer. The release includes a new 25 minute ultra-heavy atmospheric “drone” track, a first for the entire Christian industry.

    The album will be released on September 1st, and you can preorder here: https://tourniquet.net/product/tourniquet-the-slow-cosmic-voyage-to-wisdom-cd-preorder/

    1. Electric Funeral - 5:09
    2. Memento Mori – 4:22
    3. Lions – 6:07
    4. Officium Defunctorum – 6:26
    5. Gethsemane – 5:49
    6. Going, Going…Gone - 6:04
    7. In Death We Rise - 7:02
    8. Lord of This World – 5:48
    9. Mission to MACS J1149+2223 Lensed Star 1 – 25:25
    I - Navigating the Distant Spiral Galaxy Cluster
    II - The Nothingness of the Primordial Black Holes
    III - Arrival: 9 Billion Light-years from Earth
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