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Wildman & Steve


Wildman and Steve
Discussing the gospel of Jesus as it is shared in word and music 

Love hard rock and metal with great guitar riffs?  Love Jesus...or maybe you're not sure about that?  Or perhaps you love your music cranked so the neighbors can hear, but don't think that has anything to do with God.  Guess what...you're welcome to this site!  

This is the intersection of hard rock/metal, the gospel of Jesus, and the world around us.  So, check it out.  See what's going on in Christian rock and metal from the '70s to today and find out why we think this kind of music and the gospel of Jesus are the perfect match!

Growing up with Christian Rock in the 1980's I was very excited when Anthony Martinez (CCR founder) sent me an invitation to write for this site. I have so much history as a die hard fan, - I always have a story to tell! Towards the end of 2019, I asked Anthony what he thought of having a podcast along with the blog. He loved the idea. 

I started working on some ideas (how often, what platform to use etc.) I knew this wasn't something best done alone- Enter Steve Perkins. Steve and I had met just a few years ago and quickly realized our background, age and music preference were quite similar. In other words we both love to ROCK OUT!. I reached out to Steve and asked him if he'd be interested in hosting the show with me. He wasted no time to give me a resounding yes! Since then, the podcast has been growing and we have been able to record many interviews for existing and upcoming shows. 

We are now available on ALL podcast platforms including the most popular- Apple, Spotify and iHeart Radio. Click below to listen and subscribe on the platform of your choice. If you use another platform just search "Classic Christian Rock (Wildman and Steve)" and it will come up for you. 

This is exciting as both of us get to do what we love to do- talk about Classic Christian Rock with the actual artists who make it happen.

Don't miss an episode, we are publishing a new one the first of every month, with some special episodes thrown in between. If you missed out, no problem- see below to listen to each show.

Let us know in the comments what artists you would like to hear from on the show!

Talk radio, drive-time radio show...call it what you will.  Metal Talk is the live broadcast where Wildman and Steve talk about anything and everything and tie it all back to the Christian faith.  Of course, there is plenty of hard rock and metal in each show, and be sure to catch their famous "Tweet of The Week" segment.  Check them out live Sunday nights at 8:00 EST and you can always listen to past shows.

What happens when a pastor, a teacher, and a rock musician get together? If they're followers of Jesus, they discuss the Bible!

Come back soon for episodes of an exciting new podcast in which Wildman (the pastor), Steve (the teacher), and a hard rock/metal vocalist (bet you want to know who THIS is!) discuss books of the Bible to help YOU better understand the word of God.

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